Six years with Smart Specialisation in Värmland 2015-2020

At the turning point between work and vacation for most of us (in Sweden any way), I dare to publish the report that is finally ready – Six years of smart specialisation in Värmland 2015 – 2020. We who have worked with the report have all been struck by the scope of the efforts made and not least of all the valuable results achieved in smart specialisation in Värmland.

On page 9 – 10 you will find a summary in english.

My hope is that the report can be a stimulating read this summer or something to be inspired by when you return to work.

Thank you so much everyone who contributed to the content of the report and an even bigger thank you to everyone who worked daily to realize the intentions of the strategy. There is a huge commitment from all of you that we hope shines through in – Six years of smart specialization in Värmland 2015 – 2020.

Best regards



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