The DEBUTING project addresses gender – an overlooked perspective in cluster development and smart specialisation

In April 2023, we had a successful kick-off in Karlstad in Värmland for the DEBUTING project. During four years, we will explore the possibilities that lie in integrating gender as a perspective in cluster development and smart specialisation. We at Region Värmland are the lead partner, the Center for Gender Studies at Karlstad University contributes as the advisory and knowledge partner.

Many inspiring examples were presented, this time mainly from Värmland but also from other parts of Europe made a strong impression on the participants during the days in Karlstad. For me, even if I am quite well informed it was an eye opener on how much we do with a gender perspective included when it comes to the cluster organisations, Karlstad University, Karlstad Innovation Park and we our selves at Region Värmland.

We are all in all 10 regions in Europe with very different conditions, experiences and knowledge about gender equality, and the importance of inclusion and diversity for innovation, renewal and competitiveness, sharing a great compassion for the topic. What remains, however, is the big question – how do we break up the invisible borders we have on the gender-segregated labor markets in order to build a more equal, inclusive and innovative working life at all levels from the ground flor to the top of the staircase.

#interregeurope #clusters #smes #inclusiveness #innovation #exchangeofexperience #policyimprovement #smartspecialisation


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